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The Wrensilva Loft Tuxedo goes above and beyond conventional audio components with its ebonized hardwood and textured white diamond grille that wraps around teh entire case. It also has black anodized faceplates and knobs with white engravings, a matching cocktail tray, and a lighted upper wood deck. The Loft Tuxedo’s sound is undergirded by a 100 watts per channel amplifier, a Grado gold turntable cartridge, SONOS and Bluetooth functionality, and a 60 album capacity. Only 100 of these beauties will be made, and it absolutely will get you even more addicted to vinyl than you already are.

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With quip‘s new rechargeable cordless water flosser, you’ll never have to lie to your dentist about flossing again. The 360º rotating magnetic floss tip with two pressure modes and two water flow settings hits all the right spots to blast away plaque (and popcorn) and leave you feeling squeaky clean. A large reservoir with extra-wide top-open lid and magnetic charging cable make it easy to fill and charge, and the battery lasts up to 8 weeks with daily use! Even better, you get an exclusive discount so your first replacement floss tip is free when you upgrade to quip today.