Finding the right e-bike is a matter of balancing utility, power, and price (and yes, they can get as expensive as a car. From electric commuter bikes to e-bikes that are perfect for your first foray into the e-bike market, these are the options that you’ll want to have in mind while shopping for your next e-bike.


CAKE Launches a Series of Utility Bikes for Work

This is a working person's bike from Swedish brand CAKE -- think short delivery runs or getting materials from one workspace to another. While it's a far cry from CAKE's more stylish offerings, it makes up for it with its pure practicality and long-hauling battery. The series has three models: Makka :work (top speed of 28 mpg and lots of storage), Ösa :work (moped version that tops out at 30 mpg, motorcycle version that goes up to 56 mph), and Kalk :work models (more off-road with wide tiles and smaller tool rack). At $5,000 and up into the high tens of thousands, it's certainly an investment.

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Specialized Turbo E-Bikes

The Specialized brand says most of what you need to know right there in the brand name. Its line of e-bikes has three models with a Garmin radar, an app-controlled lock system, a 90-mile range: the Vado (a commuter), the Como (an easy step-through), and the Tero (an MTB). The Tero hits 20 mph while the other two top out at 28 mph. Prices start at about $3,200 and go up from there.

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Veloretti Ace e-Bike

Despite the Italian name, the Velorette Ace comes from the bike-loving Dutch. It's a beautiful commuter with white tires, leather-like grips and saddle, and a classic frame geometry. The relatively simple look includes high tech features like a maintenance-free Carbon belt drive, stepless Enviolo automatic shifter, silent electric motor, hydraulic brakes, integrated LED lighting, navigation, and a removable 510Wh battery. Safety is top of mind as well with Bluetooth, GPS, OTA updates, crash detection, and theft tracking. Prices start at just under $3,000.

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Cowboy 4 E-Bike

The Brussels-based Cowboy bike company has nothing to do with horses or horsepower, but it does make some impressive e-bikes. The Cowboy 4 has a standard frame or step-through frame option, an appealing frame, impressive 70-mile range, integrated lights, and an accompanying app that allows your smartphone to function as a digital dashboard. It's Red Dot Design award-winning with crash detection that alerts your emergency contact in the event of an accident as well as hydraulic disk brakes that allow you to stop on a dime. In the United States, the Cowboy 4 starts at about $3,000, which is a great deal for this level of aesthetic design and utility.

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Super73-S2 Universal Motorbike

One of the highlights of the Super73 line of electric bikes is the minimal and retro-inspired Super73-S2 Universal Motorbike. It accelerates to a top speed of 20 mph with pedal assist, but can go up to 28 mph (“not on public roads”). It has a 40-mile full-throttle range, or can go 75 miles on ECO pedal assist. Fully adjustable air spring suspension and 5″ wide BDGR tires comfortably tackle any terrain. The Super73-S2 Universal Motorbike is currently available in both Galaxy Black and Hudson Blue colorways from Huckberry starting at about $2,700.

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CW&T Penny Pelican Electric Cargo Bike

The CW&T Penny Pelican Electric Cargo Bike is aptly named after the penny farthing bicycle and the Pelican-Hardigg military medical case. This cargo bike has a 1000 watt front hub motor capable of a top speed of 23 mph and pedals attached to a freewheel hub (no gears and no chain) so the impressive cargo area spans the entire space between the two wheels. In short, it's one part e-bike and one part storage container that's equally perfect for hauling groceries, making deliveries, or transporting the little ones. Prices start at about $8,000.

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LIVALL PikaBoost e-Bike Conversion Kit

Maybe you're not looking for a full e-bike and have already dropped a decent chunk of change on a manual bike. That doesn't mean you can't take advantage of an electric push with the LIVALL PikaBoost conversion kit. This compact e-bike conversion kit attaches to your conventional bike’s seatpost and uses an integrated 234 Wh battery and a 250 watt motor and controller that weighs 6.6 pounds in total. The PikeBoost’s small rubber wheel makes contact with your rear wheel and conveniently installs and uninstalls quickly for fast removal, swapping, and storage. The unit is IP66 waterproof for great rain protection, has an 18-mile range in full-electric assistance mode, and can reach speeds up to 21 mph. It even has regen braking properties that permit it to self-charge. This is one bike Kickstarter you'll want to keep your eyes on.

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The Lectric XP 3.0 is the Best Class 3 E-Bike For Your Money

It's hard to find a better e-bike for your money than the Lectric XP 3.0. This third version from the brand weighs 64 pounds, but can carry 330 pounds. The rear rack along carries up to 150 pounds. It's perfect for your everyday commute if you're someone who needs to haul things from place to place. The standard battery lasts about 45 miles, while the long range goes up to 65. And all of that is delivered at the affordable price of about $1,300.

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Worth the Hype: The CERO One Will Make You an Electric Cargo Bike Convert

If you're looking to get into e-bikes, start with the CERO One. Sure, it's not the most sleek looking bike and veers away from the standard street bike look. But you'll appreciate that cargo space and all that it can do with its 105 mile range per charge. Prices start at about $3,800.

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Aventon Level.2

A classic e-bike commuter through and through. Aventon makes some of the coolest e-bikes around, and the Level.2 has a torque sensor that makes electric assist more intuitive, quicker, and with a more natural feel that delivers only the power you need. It has up to a 60 mile range and cruises at speeds of up to 28 mph. Additional features of the Level.2 include an 8-speed drivetrain, hydraulic disc brakes, and an LCD backlit color display with app connectivity. It's also affordable, starting at about $2,000.

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