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The tiny home trend has continued to flourish with more and more innovators entering the space and looking for ways to improve the industry. Vika Living, a Los Angeles–based start-up company focused on the tiny house market, has revealed details about their Accessory Dwelling Unit which can be built in roughly an hour. The Vika One clocks in at a miniscule 144-square-feet but includes a shared bedroom, living/dining room, kitchen, and bathroom. The prefab home is built with weather-resistant, insulated panels and includes the essential electrical wiring and plumbing. Vika requires access to city water, sewer and electrical hookups for its base units but there are several add-on options to outfit the Vika One for a glamping experience. The Off-Grid model comes with solar panels and batteries as well as a water collection and waste system. Vika Living is currently accepting pre-orders in the US starting at $38,000 for the base model with deliveries expected to start in early 2023.

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