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It’s been roughly two years in the making but Nocs Design has finally unveiled its impressive and beautiful Monolith speaker. Designed and engineered in Sweden, the Monolith offers a next-level audio experience. Constructed from a combination of local birch plywood, Scan-Speak high-end speaker drivers, and a lovely matte black sheen, the end result is that these speakers sound and look exceptional. And in a somewhat surprising move, Nocs Design has made the admirable decision to build a speaker that can be improved upon rather than discarded as technology advances. All of the pieces can be swapped out and upgraded to suit the growth of audio tech. The Monolith clocks in at a svelte 21.5″ x 15″ x 7″ and weighs about 26 pounds. Within the Monolith, you’ll find two 6” woofers and three full range drivers. Plus, the speaker comes with Nocs amplitude tuning for consistent sound and it can be paired with multiple Monolith speakers throughout a home over the same Wi-Fi. And, if you’re looking to stream your audio collection over the Monolith, these Bluetooth speakers come ready-made with Spotify Connect and Tidal Connect. The Monolith speakers are available now for pre-order as of today at $1,200 with shipping scheduled for the end of January 2023. ​

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